Have you ever skipped out on a dinner reservation? More and more people are doing it, and restaurants in Maine's biggest city are hitting back with cancellation and no-show fees.

The Portland Press Herald has a story this week about Portland restaurants, and specifically smaller-scale places with fewer tables, hitting diners with a per-person or per-reservation charge if they don't show up for their table.

The rationale works like this... if you skip a dinner reservation, the restaurant loses not only the revenue from your party, but the lost money from turning other diners away as well. Some places are now asking for a credit card number over the phone or the web to lock in your reservation, and fees might hit if you cancel.

Would you be ok with this? I understand the theory here, and I don't disagree that restaurants should be able to make money on their tables every night, but I would probably be hesitant to give a credit card number over the phone when making a reservation for dinner.

But if you look at table reservations in Portland as "buying" a table for the night, people might see the issue differently. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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