Since 1993, people who pass through Portland's island system have only been able to gaze glowingly at Hope Island. It's a sprawling estate belonging to John Cacoulidis, who, in the words of John Hammond from Jurassic Park, "spared no expense" to make this island one that make fantasies come true. According to the Forecaster, after 24 years, it's for sale.

Hope Island is 86 acres flush with amazing amenities. Would a massive home featuring 6 bathrooms interest you? Yes! How does your own substantial sandy beach sound? Got it. How about a boathouse and with a deepwater pier? It's included. How would you like your own tavern that opens and closes whenever you want it to? It could be yours...for the right price.

That price tag is almost 8 million dollars according to the listing on Christie's. While that may leave the average person's eyes bulging out of their head, it does seem relatively cheap for what you're getting in return. Beyond the amenities we listed above, there are multiple barns, a small chapel, and get this, all the roadways on the island are lighted. No need for flashlights or headlamps.

John Cacoulidis has decided to sell the amazing property after his beloved wife, Phyllis, passed away in 2016. Cacoudilis's name may look familiar to concert fanatics, as he attempted to develop a large concert venue in South Portland a couple years back.

Currently, there are no interior pictures of any of the building on Hope Island. If they become available, we will update this post.


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