So let's be honest here, we've all got enough going on right now in life that we definitely don't need a snowstorm to complicate things even more. Unfortunately though, Mother Nature doesn't seem to care.

According to Keith Carson on Twitter, the EURO forecasting model is promising some significant snow for portions of Maine on Tuesday. And in another oddity, it's not the mountains and northern Maine that could see the real hit from this potential storm, it would be southern Maine and the coastline. Dude, come on.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, other forecast models are falling closely in line with what the EURO is promising as well. That could mean anywhere from 3-8 inches of snow for some communities that have, quite frankly, had it super easy throughout the winter and now into spring.

But before you fall back into a wintry depression, the EURO model has had a tough winter in the accurate prediction department. We've had such a mild winter and seemingly promising snow events turn to sleet or rain before they reach Maine that it is difficult to get too excited or upset about possible snow on Tuesday.

BUT, if you've put the shovels away for rakes, you may want to have them on standby. Things could get a little messy next week.

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