How's your door yard filled with snow? You like it? Happy it's there? Good, because according to some long range forecast models, snow may just become a permanent fixture in your door yard because Spring is apparently not planning to show up EVER here in Maine.

Keith Carson shared one of those long range models on his Twitter account and frankly, it's as depressing as anything he's ever posted. It already FEELS like this Winter has gone on forever, and when you see a long range forecast where the map is battling between blue and dark blue, and not orange and red, it's only human nature for that sad feeling to creep in.

So if you were dreaming about grilling on a weekend sometime soon, maybe doing some gardening or hanging outside at a brewery...keep dreaming. Because our high temps across the state of Maine look like they're staying nice and chilly for the next couple weeks. Thanks for the punch to the face Mother Nature.


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