It's been almost a handful of years and french fries in Maine haven't tasted the same since, but all of that is about to change.

Kattey Ortiz on NEWS CENTER Maine

It's been about four-and-a-half years since former NEWS CENTER Maine Digital Anchor and Reporter, Kattey Ortiz, left the 207 for another job (with quite possibly one of the most epic cakes ever created that was bordered with french fries.)

Seriously though, when you're as obsessed with french fries as Kattey has always mentioned she is, getting a going away cake bordered with fries is like, the biggest reflection of love ever created. (And honestly, probably more delicious than you realize because who doesn't love a good salty and sweet combo?)

Thankfully though, when no one even came close to expecting it, Kattey blessed our social media feeds randomly yesterday afternoon with some incredible news -- she's (sort of) surprisingly back home in Vacationland.

Kattey Ortiz via Twitter
Kattey Ortiz via Twitter

The Porthole Restaurant & Pub

If you're from Maine, you already know about The Porthole. And if you're from away, you've probably already heard about The Porthole. Hell, the Porthole is so legendary that Guy frickin' Fieri featured the Porthole on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives years ago.

So, it's really no shock that a legendary spot to eat in Portland would be the reason a legendary local celeb has her fingerprints back in Maine. Because according to the Twitter post she tossed up yesterday, Kattey has been working "as manager and strategist of social media and public relations for the Porthole Restaurant & Pub" for a little over a month now.

And while she's not fully back in Maine yet and is tackling her new job remotely, she did mention in the comments section of her post that she's going to make "many a trip until I'm hoME full time."

Because that's what Maine does, without you realizing it. It plants roots inside of you to the point that even if you're not physically in Maine, you're always a Mainer.

Welcome hoME(ish), Kattey!

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