If you've never visited a free art exhibit at the Portland Public Library, now's the time!

This Friday from 5-7pm, the Folkland exhibit featuring paintings, drawings, and sculptures from local artists will open to the public.

The collection includes pieces surrounding the theme of folklore by Cecilia Ackerman, Stephen Burt, Annika Earley, Hilary Irons, and Andy Rosen. Without having seen the pieces in the exhibit, I can't give you much more information than the library's description of the collection:

Folklore and fairytales have historically reflected our attempts to understand the environment and human behavior. Their stories and illustrations connect us to each other, show a shared desire to make sense of things and evolve as we evolve.

Crafting a new kind of folklore, the artists in this exhibit tell a story about the natural world now – of a climate in a state of tremendous change and yet still filled with wonder. Their works ask you to imagine and re-access your understanding of your relationship with nature.

...and what we can glean from the artists' recent posts on social media:

Cecilia Ackerman seems to be working on layered cut-out silhouettes...

Stephen Burt's paintings are striking!

Annika Earley seems to be working on something a little knotty...

Hilary Irons has a colorful, whimsical style:

You may remember Andy Rosen, who was one of the curators of the exhibit as well, from his striking deer exhibit in Casco Bay a little over a year ago. He's been working on his giant bear sculpture for the Folkland exhibit for months.

Though it's crafted with a somewhat abstract style with sweeping strands of material, the outcome is a very realistic presence of a bear with piercing eyes.

See it all this Friday at the Portland Public Library! The exhibit will inhabit the Lewis Gallery until December 21st.


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