Love Pat's Pizza in the Old Port? They are closed for renovations with a new owner, and an offer of free pizza!

According to the Portland Press Herald, Mike Lizotte bought Pat’s Pizza Old Port and has it closed right now for for big renovations.


The newspaper states that he wants to make the upstairs into a speakeasy with a secret entrance (big in Portland right now).  The previous owner of Pat's on Market Street sold it to Mike, who wants to keep the tradition of Pat's Pizza being a household name.

I know, get to the free pizza part! Well, Pat's is closed until September 20th for renovations. Then, the first 100 customers at the grand reopening will get free pizza for a year, according to the Portland Press. Yup. Don't worry, if you are the 101st customer, you'll get free cookies with your take out order (so will everyone else!).

If you are into the speakeasy bar, that's set to be open on New Year’s Eve, the newspaper report.

All of Pat's employees have been told they will get interviews with the new owner, who is hiring servers, bartenders and cooks.

Love me the Pat's..and the only thing that would make it better is if it was free!


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