At one time or another, Portland residents and visitors may have stumbled across "the preacher". He's a man who often hands out pamphlets and does impromptu sermons at various parks and street corners throughout the city. For some, it's something that they barely notice but for others it's become an annoyance.

Welcome in anonymous guy in the background of this photo shared on Reddit by Mikerm3. The comments on the Reddit thread suggest that this man has become the preacher's burden, following him around to different spots in the city and holding up signs to offset his message.

Free speech is free speech after all. The preacher's message can be heard if you're willing to listen and the background guy's message can be read if you're willing to read.

Reddit via Mikerm3
Reddit via Mikerm3

Our favorite part? The exclamation point at the end of boob show! Well done.

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