A recent article was written in the Sun Journal on how the previous owner of The Front Porch Bakery did not want someone with a "grouchy" attitude owning it, and the bakery couldn't have gone to a more deserving and un-grouchy person.

The previous owner Janet Desmarais said on Facebook, "I have no doubt that she will take good care of my baby."

Thirteen years of hard work has paid off for Maine native Jenna Roberts. She began baking for her nephew because he wanted a guitar cake but at that time there weren't many local bakeries doing signature cakes. So she gave it a shot and since her grandparents were bakers, the passion came naturally.

She has run an entire business called Marvelous Macaroons through Facebook from her small kitchen with the love and support of her husband, Ryan, and daughter, Lydia.

She shared her baked goods on social media and promoted them by good old-fashioned word of mouth! She spent every weekend posted up at the Lewiston Farmers Market and frequented public events to sell her goods.

Jenna Roberts via Facebook
Jenna Roberts via Facebook
Jenna Roberts, via Facebook
Jenna Roberts, via Facebook

Jenna said, "The future at the Front Porch is limitless."

After talking with Janet, they knew it was fate!

Jenna said, "I see lines out the door on weekends, with lots of events. I hope we can bring some fun ideas to this area, I have banked ideas for 13 years in preparation for when I had my own bakery, so get ready!"

She will not only sell quality macarons, cakes, and other baked goods she will also hold classes on decorating and skill.

"The sky is the limit," Jenna said.

Jenna never gave up. She put everything she had into this business because she believed in herself and didn't fear failure but the fear of not trying at all. She puts her heart in every single baked good she creates and hopes that she can share her love with you too.

Front Porch Bakery will be opening Wednesday, October 20 with a special opening event on Saturday, October 23rd.

You can check out all the yummy adventures Jenna has planned on Marvelous Macaroons and The Front Porch Bakery on Facebook!

Here are some of the goodies that you can look forward to enjoying at the Front Porch Bakery!

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