Okay, this is a tad confusing, but also wicked awesome for fans of The Cage in Lewiston.

Reports of The Cage going up for sale were around in October. For only $400,000 you could own a bar with a fantastic reputation that has been around for over 50 years. If you've ever been to The Cage, you met new friends and had a night out you still talk about.


Then the sad news came recently that the old quaint, relaxing, fun bar was closing. After February 15 you could no longer pop on over for a stiff drink and talk the bartender's ear off. When the Sun Journal reported that news, that's when people started to come out of the woodwork. Let's back up. One of the owners, Denis Webber, told the Sun Journal that a deal to sell to an out-of-state buyer fell through. That's when Denis Webber's phone blew up with people wanting to buy it!

The best possible outcome happened. Two 'regulars' at The Cage, Kevin Barrett and Steve Beaulieu signed a five-year lease.

So yes. The Cage IS closing on February 15, BUT, it will reopen! The plan is to reopen around March 1st after the new owners get the right licenses for the bar. What Kevin and Steven didn't share is what their plans are for the bar, but as regulars, I'm sure they will honor what has been built for the past 54 years. When Mainers hear that something they love is about to go away, that's when Mainers are their best! To Kevin and Steve!

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