If you've walked past Fuji restaurant on Exchange Street in Portland's Old Port anytime in the past couple months, you've probably been wondering what is going on. The place has been under construction for quite some time, and if you believed Fuji's website, they were going to be closed until October for renovations. Apparently those renovations included a lot of changes, including in name and style of the restaurant.

According to Portland Food Map, Fuji will now be known N To Tail, and is calling themselves Maine's only traditional Korean BBQ restaurant. The downstairs of the restaurant, formerly where the hibachi section of Fuji was, is now open to the public while the upstairs of the restaurant continues to be renovated.

A Facebook page and website have yet to be launched for the Korean BBQ restaurant but are likely coming soon. For now they appear to be operating exclusively through Instagram. There is no timetable for the first floor of the restaurant to be opened.


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