Good chance you've heard by now that one of music's most popular couples called it quits back in August after thirteen years. In most cases when they're is no prenup, the net worth is split down the middle. That is the case in California. It's rumored that Gavin, the Bush front man, took far less than half of Gwen's fortune. Did he cheat with the couple's nanny, as rumored, and he feels guilty? Did he want to reach a quick settlement? It's unclear. It's also rumored that he is getting half. We do know the former couple agreed on joint custody of their three children Kingston, 9, Zuma, 6, and Apollo, 1.

Hypothetical: If no prenup exists, say the law that states fortunes need to be split down the middle in the event of a divorce, was not active. Do you think there are certain situations where one person SHOULD NOT be entitled to half? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page. 


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