Arguably the greatest thing to come out of this pandemic is the State of Maine being introduced to Doctor Nirav Shaw the Director of the Maine Center for Disease Control.

What makes Dr. Shaw so charming is his calm demeanor during the daily briefings, level headed logic, science, and the subtle pop culture references sprinkled through.

There's even a Fans of Dr. Nirav Shah group on Facebook that has over 24k members. Not to mention the merch store filled with Dr. Shah items where the proceeds benefit the Good Shepherd Food Bank.

Dr. Shah recently tweeted out a photo of a gift from some young fans, Carter and Connor.

The card was addressed to Dr. Shah and Governor Janet Mills and features hand-drawn ice cream cones with a $5 bill inside with the words "Thank you for all of your hard work."

That is some classic Maine kindness. Something we could all use right now. Here's hoping Dr. Shah gets his Diet Coke Float. Governor Mills looks like she'd be down for some chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone.

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