Maybe a perfect night for you back in the 90's was sipping on an ice cold Zima, cranking that Right Said Fred song and checking out your new JNCO jeans in the mirror. Well, guess what? There's going to be a night in Portland's Old Port when you can do exactly that and not have eyebrows raise around you.

A national 90's Bar Crawl tour is coming to Portland on Saturday, July 8th. This tour promises those who sign up and purchase tickets that there will be other 90's enthusiasts joining them, with bars offering up specials that have 90's style prices as well as a playlist of 90's music playing at participating bars. You'll also get a souvenir 90's bar crawl cup to fashion at each stop.

If you need some fashion tips, there's always a rerun of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Saved By The Bell on a television set near you. Oh, and there are still snap bracelets available on eBay if you're going all-in. Check out the rest of the details here and while you're at it, make a playlist of all those 90's slow jams. You never know how this night might turn out.

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