Have you ever wanted to watch a Red Sox game with the same atmosphere as Fenway Park without buying a ticket?

Sounds too good to be true, right?

It's not. There is a way.

The Bleacher Bar officially opened its doors in 2008 and is still hosting game day vibes in restaurant form.

It is a bar on Landsdown Street that is "situated beneath the bleachers in Fenway Park’s centerfield, a few feet away from the Ted Williams Red Seat," according to the Bleacher Bar website.

This place is sweet, but the concept and atmosphere are unmatched.

Our patrons are treated to not only excellent food, drink, and service, but an unprecedented baseball experience year-round. With a huge garage window that looks directly into the stadium, Bleacher Bar has earned its title as one of the most exceptional sports bars in the world.

So yes, you can literally be spitting distance from the outfield and players while watching the game for free.

And, if you are a fan of America's oldest active ballpark, Fenway Park, this experience is top-notch. According to the Bleach Bar website, the restaurant space was previously used as the visiting team’s batting cage for several years.

This is one of those places that needs to be experienced in order to grasp the concept of the location.

If you are interested or planning on visiting, there are a few "know before you go" items, according to the FAQ page on the  Bleacher Bar website:

 Unfortunately we are unable to accept reservations. We seat all parties on a first come first served basis. We will do our best to accommodate any group. We do however host private events. To inquire about private events please email: info@bleacherbarboston.com

You do not need a ticket for entry into Bleacher Bar. We are open to the general public.

Our height of service takes place in the 2-3 hours before the game. However, this ultimately depends on the day/time of the week and the opposing team.

During the game, the glass garage door is brought down but you can still see out onto the field. Players cannot see in.

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