Hoping to prove his point, Governor LePage has been halving his tips for servers as the battle of wages in Maine continues. 

Imagine for a second being a server at a local restaurant or bar and seeing Maine's very visible and well-known Governor walk through the door. Then the Governor sits down, enjoys great service and at the end of the evening, you're left with half of what you expected. Getting upset? According to the Sun-Journal, you wouldn't be alone.

Governor LePage has been tipping servers across the state of Maine about half of what they should be tipped in a political protest over the new wage hikes passed by voters. LePage wants legislators in Maine to restore the tip credit, something that many servers also agree with, and he believes the only way to get the message across is by very publicly under-tipping servers when he ventures out.

The method has raised some eyebrows, including those who have lost some wages when LePage has shown up. But the Governor says that he leaves a note saying "call your legislator" behind along with the smaller tip so the servers understand that ultimately he is fighting for them.

It remains to be seen if Governor LePage's tactics will amount to any changes. Stay tuned.

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