Maine's Governor hasn't shied away from going directly after his opposition on issues. Last year, Paul LePage wanted to do away with the small alcohol bottles known as "nips", but was heavily opposed on the issue by man, including Thom Saviello. That led to Saviello getting a "care package" of sorts from the Governor, complete with a little note. Unfortunately for LePage, his troll job including a common spelling error.

Twitter via Steve Mistler
Twitter via Steve Mistler

Shared on Twitter by Steve Mistler, LePage misspelled they're by putting there. it's a common spelling error for people, differentiating between they're, their and there. BUT, when you're the Governor of Maine, and going out of your way to TROLL an opposition on an issue, you should definitely use spellcheck before sending that letter out.

Oh and another thing, the representative in question goes by Thom, not Tom. Just throwing that out there.


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