In any city, there's going to be plenty of graffiti scattered about that you may not understand. Short phrases or designs that clearly meant something to the person behind it, but for everyone else, simply serves to confuse or confound them. One of the pieces of graffiti sits on the steps at Fort Allen Park in Portland, where many have stared and though it to be crass while others are in on the joke.

Reddit via RoneWissler
Reddit via RoneWissler

Shared on Reddit by RoneWissler, what you're looking at is a joke from the long-running animated series Futurama. In a famous episode, the main character of the show, Fry, delivers a pizza to a cryogenics lab. The person he's delivering to is I.C. Wiener. You can make your own assumptions from there. As a follow up, in a later episode, a pizza is once again delivered to the same cryogenics lab, but this time the recipient was D. Frosted Wang. The joke apparently came full circle.

So yes, that random piece of graffiti you may stumble upon at a park in Portland, Maine most obviously came from a huge fan of Futurama. Next thing you know, there will be King of the Hill references popping up in another park. Lots of material to work with there.

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