Green Day have never shied away from making a political statement, and singer Billie Joe Armstrong has been vocal about sharing his concerns with the election of President Trump. But after a first week in office that has seen Trump act quickly on a number of executive orders, Armstrong is speaking up again, this time calling for unity and compassion amongst U.S. citizens as some of Trump's moves continue to divide.

Armstrong starts his post speaking about Trump's initial actions of President, stating, "I feel like I'm in a state of shock ... The executive orders Trump is signing feels like a vendetta. Trump is not only taking out his revenge on the people who protested him, but also the average American that just didn't vote for him. These reckless decisions on healthcare, Muslim-Americans, immigration, environmental protection, freedom of speech, freedom of press, women's right to choose what to do with their bodies, suggesting sending in the feds to Chicago are signs of a man that is trying to redefine what it is that keeps our common union as Americans. This is not just his 'conservative agenda.' It's an all out assault on our civil liberties."

The singer continues, "His intention is to divide us as Americans. Maybe we don't agree on all of these issues. But can't we see eye to eye on some? I have Conservative/Republican friends and family. I understand their point of view even if I don't agree with it. It's their right. It's their beliefs. However the progressive side is just as 'American' as the other side. At what point do we all come together as 'Americans.' Isn't this about freedom and unity? I don't think this president has a grasp on the concept of the American dream ... the dream that we come from different backgrounds to come together. Please respect each other. Please show compassion. Please don't allow this madman to take out his revenge on US. Respect, BJ." See the post in full below.

Green Day are currently touring in Europe, but will return stateside in early March to start their next North American tour. The band is promoting their latest album, Revolution Radio.

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