Peering into the future for Maine, there could be a new tax headed for those who use psychics and astrology as guidance.

There's no question that many people in Maine believe in astrology, fortune telling and the use of psychic power. Businesses all across the state have existed, and in some cases thrived, for many years now. But according to the Bangor Daily News, those services of guidance and the supernatural will soon be taxed just like any other.

Governor LePage added a 5.5% tax to his budget proposal that would cover things like tarot card readings, astrology, palm readings, reflexology and psychic readings. Business owners of these services worry that while the tax may seem insignificant on the surface, it could force them to raise prices or potentially dissuade customers.

Augusta lawmakers are hoping to bring a more stable tax revenue stream to the state and by adding taxes to modern day services, like psychics, it will help to keep Maine's coffers from depleting. But is the extra tax on the Maine's population worth it in the long run?

Often times people who are visiting psychics, palm readers and astrologists are people already going through tough times and searching for guidance. To add an additional charge on top of what they're already paying, may make them even worse for wear.

What do you think? Is the State going overboard with a tax on these services?

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