So much is happening in Falmouth. Places closing, places opening, places getting a face lift and now this giant replacement...


It appears that the Lil Mart will be Nouria Energy (based on a 'apply now' sign) which runs Lil Marts. So, logic says that they are replacing one Lil Mart with a much bigger Lil Mart. (maybe should be renamed Big O' Mart)

Google Maps

The construction has been going on for months...and rumors are spreading that an Amato's might be included.


This is driving me crazy slightly...a quick Google of 'Nouria Locations Maine' popped this up in Auburn.

Google Maps


Mmmmm...that does NOT look like the one going up in Falmouth. I guess I'm just impatient and realllllly want this sucker to open! I mean, if an Amato's does go in there, I may have a hard time resisting getting a genoa/provolone Italian with no pickles.

Every day...

Hurry up Nouria, you mysterious giant gas station convenient store!