Fellas... not that you have a chance, but you have a chance now. Not really though! 

So many great music/hollywood/entertainment marriages over the years have seemed iron clad. Eddie Van Halen and Valeri Bertinelli were so close for so long. Through the rock and the roll, the booze and drugs, the success and even through the Van Halen 3 record (hey now)... they stuck it out! Then, they were done. A great couple, done.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett now are unfortunately done too. Hugh Hef and one of his girls every 10 years, splitsville. I know they aren't married, but.. close enough!

Now this! One of the best looking rock couples of all time. A perfect match! Too cool bands, they made some adorable kids... now, it's all gone according to TMZ. Read more right below...

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