We're not exactly breaking any news by stating that Portland, Maine has acquired a reputation for having incredible food.

There are several places around the city that specialize in burgers and do an excellent job with that very specialty.

But there's another place in Portland's Old Port that doesn't beat their chest about their burgers but probably should. Because they are fantastic and we're getting hungry just thinking about them right now.

The place is Mash Tun. a cozy little pub tucked away on Wharf street in the Old Port. The first thing you'll notice when walking into Mash Tun is the beers, because they've got a lot of them. Tons of tap lines filled with different beers from some of Maine's most popular breweries.

But the other thing you should notice (if your sense of smell is in working order) is that part of Mash Tun's coziness is that the food they make always smells so delicious. The menu is small, but it's tasty. And that includes Portland's most underrated burger.

It's hard to explain exactly what makes Mash Tun's burger so tasty, but it just is. It's a grass-fed burger, cooked medium and served on a perfect bun. It comes plain, but there's plenty of add-ons that can spruce your burger up, from bacon to an egg to spicy mayo.

But even if you don't go for any of those extras, this burger is a victory lap served in a small basket.

Oh, and maybe there's a burger at another place in Portland that we haven't tried and we just need to know about. Let us know all the details on our Facebook page. Happy eating, Portland.

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