Even though, these days, a lot of people have huge TVs at their homes, there was a time when you were likely to find the biggest TVs at bars and restaurants.  When I was younger, before cheap LED TVs were super common, I worked at a bar that had an old school "projection" TV.  Set up in one corner of the dance floor, it was used to project music videos played by the DJ (or big sports games).

Years later, I worked at Resolution,  a nightclub in Erie, Pennsylvania that had an enormous LED screen.  That was, by far, the largest I had ever seen.  It was, literally, the backdrop of the stage.

Honestly, I thought I would never see another TV that size outside of a stadium.  Apparently, I was wrong.

According to an article in the Bangor Daily News, there is a restaurant and event center in Caribou that is home to the largest TV in the State of Maine.

The Rendezvous Restaurant and Evergreen Lanes is a massive entertainment spot in the Aroostook County Town of Caribou.  In addition to the restaurant, the 35,000 square-foot space also has a 12-lane bowling alley, a bowling pro shop, a sports bar area, and large patio (perfect for those summer nights), the newspaper reported.

One of the most notable things about the Rendezvous is the MASSIVE TV that dominates one wall.

At 16 feet by 9 feet, it is the largest TV in the entire state, according to the BDN.  What a great place it is going to be to watch the Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, or Red Sox.

The rendezvous in Caribou is actually the "reboot" of a recently closed restaurant in Limestone, Maine.  For years, the Rendezvous was a favorite of locals and air force personnel from nearby Loring Air Force Base.  Even after the base closed, people still kept going to The Rendezvous.  After the Limestone restaurant closed, the owner sold his recipes to Shawn Pelletier, the owner of the new Rendezvous.

You can find the Rendezvous at 60 Access Highway in Caribou.  Check out their Facebook page for more information and to see what events they have coming up.

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