It may seem like forever ago, but spring started very slowly this year in Maine. In fact, it started with a massive nor'easter that dropped heavy, wet snow on the state. The entire month of April was a washout, and half of May wasn't much better.

That began to leave worry in the minds of many Mainers who existed through a tumultuous summer of 2023, filled with far too many days of cloudy skies and far too few days of sun and comfortable temperatures.

That will become a distant memory with the arrival of a blistering 'heat dome' throughout New England this week. As the National Weather Service has warned, this dangerous system is likely to bring record-breaking high temperatures to the region.

Forecasts are calling for intense heat to move into New England beginning on Tuesday. It is likely to be dangerous, far exceeding what Maine's normal average temperatures are in mid-June. Not only that, but it will likely qualify as Maine's first official heat wave in a couple of years.

The 'heat dome' has been wreaking havoc for nearly a month across America. On the West Coast, California was trapped under a "heat dome" for nearly two weeks. In simpler terms, a heat dome is a high-pressure system that sits over an area, traps the air, and heats that air for days or weeks. That system causing the 'heat dome' will eventually make its way east.

This powerful heat wave is likely to put a strain on Maine's fragile power grid for several days. Additionally, those without air conditioning will face dangerous heat and humidity for several hours each day during most of this week.

Individuals working outside should also take extra caution. The heat wave is currently forecasted to wrap up on Thursday, but could linger into Friday if the system moves slower.

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