For many people looking up at the sky over in and around the Brunswick area of Maine over the last couple of days, they've seen something noticeably different: massive military helicopters flying overhead, spotted everywhere from Freeport to New Gloucester and beyond. But before you venture into your doomsday bunker, here's why those helicopters are patrolling the Maine airspace.

Those Helicopters Are Some of the Most Sophisticated Ones in the Military

The enormous military helicopters you've heard or seen are CH-53 Super Stallions. According to, the CH-53's are heavy-lift helicopters used for a variety of different missions. Primarily, they lift cargo, machinery, or other military vehicles in and out of strategic zones.

US Amphibious Assault Ship In Action During Joint Australia-US Military Exercise
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The Marine Corps is Holding a Specialized Training Here in Maine

Because of some of the challenges the United States military may face when it comes to terrain, Maine has consistently been deemed one of the best states to train in. This isn't the first time the CH-53 helicopters have done training exercises in Maine. Shared on Facebook by Camp Lejeune, Maine is repeatedly used as a training site because of its mountainous terrain and dense forests, which provide critical opportunities for pilots to gain experience.

Facebook via Camp Lejeune
Facebook via Camp Lejeune

There's Been a Lot of Military Training Over Maine Recently

The CH-53 training over the Brunswick area isn't the only training that people from Maine have been hearing about recently. About a month ago, the National Guard held a training session. Training sessions for the National Guard range can include exercises that feature military jets. Pease Air National Guard Base as well as the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard have a long history of being home to substantial training and military drills.


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