The time has come once again to find out who remains strong enough to "outwit, outplay, outlast" in the woods of Maine. This week's episode of Surviving Maine is here. 

It's our state's version of the long-running CBS television hit, Survivor.

Surviving Maine does it's best to stay true to the original. First of all the two teams named Skinner and Lombard, are faced with camping in the willywags. Additionally, there are immunity and reward challenges to perform.

Surviving Maine also holds tribal councils and in the end of each episode players are voted out of the competition. So, it's pretty much the same format as the real Survivor.

Mainers are some of the toughest most resilient people on the planet. Just ask us. So, it makes sense that we have a series on YouTube to demonstrate our grit.

It's a weekly series that debuted February of this year. According to the Surviving Maine Facebook Page, the episodes were filmed pre-Covid in 2019. New ones come out on Wednesdays.

We've put the first four shows in the spotlight here. So, we thought you might want to watch the latest one, that was just released yesterday.

The prize for the winners of the reward challenge last week was a brownie. Lucky for the team members, that has been improved on considerably. This week's reward is a spaghetti dinner with what looks like some fine Maine craft brews and garlic bread. There's soda for the winning contestants that pass on the beers.

This challenge involves a couple puzzles to solve. The first is a daunting magic number puzzle. Ugh...friggin' math?  That's followed by a big fabric puzzle challenge on big wooden posts. Yep, your teammate is gonna need a boost.

Let's watch to find out who's out this week, and who will remain. Week after week, we'll get closer to learning which contestant will ultimately be the last hearty Mainer left standing.

If you like the show, share it with a friend. We're pretty sure the hard working crew and cast members of Surviving Maine would appreciate that.

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