Team Lombard and Team Skidder are back in a new episode of Surviving Maine.

It's our state's version of the long-running CBS television hit, Survivor.

Surviving Maine does it's best to stay true to the original. First of all, the two teams are faced with camping in the rugged woods of Central Maine. There are also of course,  immunity and reward challenges to perform.

Surviving Maine holds tribal councils and in the end of each episode players are voted out of the competition. So, it's pretty much the same format as the real Survivor.

Mainers are some of the toughest most resilient people on the planet. Just ask us. So, it makes sense that we have a TV series on YouTube to demonstrate our grit.

It's a weekly series that debuted earlier this month. According to the Surviving Maine Facebook Page, the episodes were filmed pre-Covid in 2019. New ones come out on Wednesdays.

We've put the first three shows in the spotlight here. So, we thought you might want to watch the latest one, that was just released yesterday.
Last week's episode of Surviving Maine had Team Lombard and Team Skidder narrowed down to seven players remaining on each side.

Things are getting more intense with team members being traded and the tribes being divided into three groups.

One constituent, Katie from Team Skidder was voted out. Now, we are down to thirteen competitors left to battle it out in an immunity challenge that involves blindfolds and big puzzle pieces.

This week is changed up a bit with not one, but two tribal council meetings to vote out the current weakest links.

Let's watch to find out which two are out this week. Week after week, we'll get a little closer to learning who will ultimately be the last hearty Mainer left standing.

If you like the show, why not share it with a friend? We're pretty sure the hard working crew and cast members of Surviving Maine would appreciate that.

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