For the longest time, I must say I was not a fan of trivia. Whether it be my habit of forgetting even the easiest answers until someone else says them out loud ("oh right I knew that!") or the fact that all my friends and my boyfriend seem to have an uncanny ability to retain copious amounts of random facts... something about subjecting myself to a quiz I was sure to fail was just unappealing. However, after being dragged to countless happy hours and quiz nights in Boston and Portland, I'm starting to warm up to them.

Whether you're completely obsessed with trivia nights or still warming up to the idea, Portland is the place to find a quality pub quiz. When and where should you find one? Well, it depends on your schedule of course... and lucky for you, Portland is ready to rise to the occasion.

One diligent Redditor put in the effort to compile a schedule of trivia nights to hit up in and around Portland, and with some help from contributors seems to have put together a pretty complete list.

Check out the schedule to see where you should take your friends next, and if you know of a trivia night in the area that does not appear on the list, be sure to comment on the post so our dedicated author can confirm and add it!

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