Heads up, Mainers! Winter's comin' back.

We're all hearing that there are a couple storms coming through as we wrap up the work week. Of course, the big question is... how much we gonna get?

The National Weather Service in Gray, Maine has just posted their predictions for snowfall in our area.

According to their map, most of us will get up to 3 inches before it changes to a wintry mix.


The snow we wake up to tomorrow is something us hearty Mainers should be able to get through without too much trouble.

However, that lovely rain, sleet and freezing rain on top of it will likely create a slushy, gross mess.

If the freezing rain keeps going, Friday morning's ride to work could possibly be even more of a pain. Also, keep in mind we could have damaged trees and power outages.

Yeah. We got this. Jezzum crowbah, We're Mainahs. If we can't suffer the wintah we don't deserve the summah.

"Snow, Sleet, Rain...Whatevah!"


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