Dare I say we might have a white Christmas?

What a beautiful sight it was waking up to fresh snow this week. While Southern Maine got a slight dusting, other parts of the state got some significant powder. Talk about a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

Let's take a look at some of the totals from around Maine from our friends at WGME-TV

Mountain Madness

Leading the way were ski resorts and their nearby towns. I would say that worked out quite well, considering many mountains have already opened for the season.

Coming in at 1st place...we have a tie.

Sunday River & Madrid - 14.0 in 

The popular mountain got a nice coating Sunday into Monday. Early week skiers were gifted great powder.

Madrid is a town just south of Saddleback, so we can assume the mountain also got covered.

Here's the rest of your top five, according to WGME-TV.

Sugarloaf - 12.0
Rangeley - 12.0
Newry - 11.6

Even more solid snow totals for Western Maine, the state's true winter wonderland.

These are good numbers early for Maine. According to Current Results, a site that tracks weather events, the average December snowfall is 28.7 inches. We are just days into the month and the town is already over a third of the way to that number. Here's hoping a few more storms are around the corner, especially for the sake of our wonderful winter business community.

Here are some other snow totals from around the state.

Portland - 1.0 (Weak)
Lewiston/Auburn 5.0
Camden - 2.0
Augusta - 6.0 
Bridgton - 6.5
Bath - 2.0 

As pretty as this snow is, it's likely to disappear from the lowlands sooner than later. Clear skies with mild temps are what the Weather Channel is forecasting for the majority of this week. The weekend could also see rain. Let's at least hope that stays east of the mountains. Nobody wants icy conditions already.

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