Maine State Park camping is fun for the family or even people who may not be family but who you consider family.  It builds memories of fun and nostalgia to pass along to your kids and builds great experiences dedicated to the ones you love.

If you are looking to plan your next family camping trip for the 2021 warm weather season, think about the great opportunities camping at a Maine State park can give you.

If you want to plan for your summer adventures with the fam, here's what you need to know about family camping at Maine State Parks.

The Maine State Park system is all about family camping which could also be seen as group camping of 6 people or less. How does the Maine State Park system define a family?  It is parents and unmarried children under the age of 18.

When reserving online, you can search for the kind of site you need, whether you plan on tenting or bringing in an RV.

Things you can expect at your group campsite include a picnic table and a place to build your campfire.

Know also that your campsite is only for the use of the registered campers and invited guests.

Pets are welcomed! Bring your pets to go camping but bee sure that your pet is leashed. The one exception to this invitation is at Sebago Campground- no pets allowed there.

Want a little extra with your camping trip?  Some campgrounds offer educational opportunities.  Check out the schedule at the campground you want to reserve a spot at to see what could be planned.

Group rates are available at the website.  And, if you are planning a for a really big group like for a bunch of people for a youth group or some kind of organization, get a hold of the specific State Park you want to visit directly.

Happy camping!

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