Out of nowhere on Maine's Reddit yesterday, people unloaded some of the filthiest vanity plates they've spotted around the state of Maine. Some of them, we've covered here before in previous vanity plates posts, but there was some new ones and frankly, they didn't disappoint. Let's discover together what your friends and neighbors in Maine are actually willing to put on their license plate. Obviously NSFW.

After the rousing popularity of another veteran who had the plate V Agina, here's a couple of remixes...

Reddit via P2120
Reddit via BenTheBruiser

After seeing those two plates your reaction may be this...shared on Reddit by fkstk33

Reddit via fkstk33

If you're hating what you've seen so far, maybe you're a.....shared on Reddit by Delimorte

Reddit via Delimorte

And let's wrap this up with a really classy one...Baby On Board? Not with that attitude! Shared on Reddit by Vitkop

Reddit via Vitkop

And even though this one isn't filthy, it's funny and we liked it. Shared on Reddit by ScottyNuttz

Reddit via ScottyNuttz

We know there are more, especially since Maine rescinded the rule that removes foul language from being considered for vanity plates. IF you've got more and want to share them with us, please do!