The Red Sox were recently hiring for possibly the greatest bucket list job ever.

That's right, I ran across this job posting on LinkedIn (which as of now is sadly no longer taking any more applications): The Green Monster Scoreboard Operator.

Is this possibly the greatest job on the planet?

WOW. For sports fans, the Fenway faithful, baseball lovers, history buffs, and all-around coolness vibes, it just could be.

You're working inside the iconic Green Monster, at the oldest ballpark in the country that's been operating since 1912 and yes, the Green Monster is part of that original construction.

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If you are one of those lucky fans that did apply, I'm sending you good vibes that you'll make it through the myriad of applicants and snag that coveted job as the Green Monster Scoreboard Operator.

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Even though the job is closed, it got me wondering about what other jobs there might be at Fenway.

Well, your dream of working at the iconic baseball park is still within reach for the 2022 season as there are SO many jobs to choose from on the Red Sox career site.

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And you would assume you might get some unique perks, right?

1. What about free tickets?

With the price of tickets, this would be a big YES PLEASE.

2. Or Maybe Some Free or Discounted Meals?

Yum, nothing like a Fenway Frank and cold beer or ice cold soda that's not full price. I'd take this as a perk for sure.

3. Of Course, Make New Friends

This isn't your typical job environment, so the diversity of friendship possibilities seems endless.  And if you become friends with the Green Monster Scoreboard Operator then hmmmmm.

4. Easy Access to Fenway Merch

With your discount and even free work apparel, you'll have the coolest wardrobe (or at the very least, easy access to get some.)

5. It's Fenway

I mean, duh. What more do I say.

Guess I'll just keep dreaming about what it would be like to work at Fenway...

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