Every single month we exclaim, “wow! This month flew by!” as if time doesn’t pass the same way every day.

A new month starts, we blink, and somehow we are already halfway through it.

I have had a lot going on the last few months mentally and emotionally on top of trying to finesse a new apartment hunt and move and I have had no time to breathe let alone Christmas shop.

The way I express my love is through gifts so I have been in an absolute panic mode lately freaking out about running out of time. I would love to shop online but buying for multiple people through a screen is extremely stressful and I’ve lost the window of securing things getting delivered on time.

Yesterday was December 15 and I started to really freak out. Holy crap, I NEED to Christmas shop. It wouldn’t be so hard if I wasn’t such a stickler for getting people things that are specific to them, but I refuse to buy somebody something random just to give them something; it has to mean something.

Christmas Shopping in Portland, Maine

Yesterday was one of the first days where I got everything done that I needed to do by the time the sun set. There were still things on my list but they didn’t need my immediate attention.

I decided to drive the short distance into town in the Old Port, park my car, and walk around. I at least knew I needed to get fun cards from Pinecone+Chickadee and plotting soil from Terrarium, so I figured I could just bop around the area and hope I found something for someone.


To my surprise and to my rescue, I was able to start and finish my entire shopping list in 45 minutes just from walking around Portland.

Stores in Portland, Maine, to Find the Perfect Gifts

The trick is to know what stores you want to go to and walk in the right route so you aren’t scrambling around in different directions. Then, on the way, you can pop into stores that look like they might have something for someone in particular. I started on Commerical Street and was able to pick up two great gifts at Mexicali Blues then headed down to Shipwreck and Cargo to score something for my grandpa.

Shipwreck and Cargo
Shipwreck and Cargo

Shipwreck and Cargo is the perfect place to buy something for someone who loves Maine, the sea, fishing, boats, or anything that screams “Coast of Maine” for a reasonable price.

While on Commercial Street, I checked out Suger looking for unique earrings and found three perfect presents specific to people I love and was thrilled to quickly check off boxes in one stop.

I then popped down Exchange Street and found a great gift for a spiritual friend at Earthbound, where you can find crystals, jewelry, clothes, and home decor for those who are down to Earth and spiritual.

The Maine Souvenir Shop
The Maine Souvenir Shop

On the search for a cute beanie and Maine-made hot sauce, I poked my head into The Maine Souvenir Shop and crossed even more things off my list.

I finished up my haul at Pinecone+Chickadee, the perfect place for fun, colorful, creative, and random things. My favorite part of the store is the creative cards that are blank inside so I can write my own letters for my loved ones.

The Old Port is the best place to window shop or actually get real shopping done in an efficient manner, with so many different unique stores within walking distance. I feel so relieved to have this over with and to have it done on time!

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