The cost of life always seems to be going up, but what about the cost of love? Well, if you're on the dating scene in Maine, the cost is EXPENSIVE. According to Yahoo Finance, Maine's average date cost is roughly $157. That's significantly more than the national average of just over $100. So how did we get here?


Well, the findings actually come from which considers a "date" to be dinner for two, a bottle of wine and two movie tickets. For some, that sounds like a terrific date, for others that sounds like a bother. But that's the baseline of how the dollar total came together.

What isn't clear, is WHERE in Maine that collected their research. If it was strictly southern Maine, then the $157 price tag makes total sense. Portland is a culinary hub, but that comes with some expense. And a trip to the movies doesn't cost a quarter anymore.

But if all you're finding is lint in your pockets over these findings, the silver lining is that Maine is the 2nd cheapest of the New England states when it comes to dates. In Massachusetts, the average date costs close to $220, which for some, is like a weekly paycheck.

So there it is friends and lovers, if you're planning on hitting the dating scene in Maine, you best have a solid bank account. Love is getting pricey these days.

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