So we're getting hit with a Nor'Easter... AGAIN! Seriously, this winter thing isn't quite what it's cracked up to me. And as silly a practice as it is, I guess the groundhog was right this year after all. *groans*

Well, if you're like me, and need some physical and emotional relief from the heaps of snow we've been presented with of late, here are a few tips to keep your spirits up! Please note that this list is not for the organized, responsible, or daring among you - this is for those who need to use the snow as an excuse to rest, relax, and otherwise laze like the slobs we are.

1) Accept the Facts
First and foremost, we have to accept that this is really happening. While snow may be beautiful while it's falling and fresh, it turns into a nightmare when you actually have to get up and start your day. There will be shoveling - that's unavoidable. However, take comfort in that this is the one actual activity you'll be responsible for tomorrow.

2) Set Up Fun Activities for Yourself (But Nothing Too Active)
This one's important. If you don't have any plans on a day off, and can't get anywhere, things can get a little cabin fever-ish, so be sure to have at least something laid out. Netflix marathons are a favorite of mine - I'm currently re-watching Game of Thrones, so I have HBO all set and ready to go. I also have my guitar amp ready to go for some mid-day practice, neighbors permitting.

3) Buy Frozen Food Beforehand
The next step to a zero-effort snow day is to only eat food that an oven can prepare for you. This is a lazy day, after all! Pizzas, pretzels, and if you're health conscious, maybe something vegetable related. Maybe.

4) Carpe Nap-um!
For those of you who don't nap - you're missing out. Seriously. Maybe it's just because I work the mornings, but grabbing an extra hour of sleep can be a life saver sometimes. Additionally, everyone's still out of whack from the time change, to seize your opportunity to get back on your A game when your schedule resumes the next day.

There are a few of my tips for the lazy! Did I miss one of your favorite traditions? Let me know in the comments!

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