Grocery Shopping Prices

We are all familiar with the anxiety and frustration with shopping lately as prices continue to increase. I swear I go to the grocery store, buy three things, and somehow my total hits $25+.

I’ll be putting things in my cart, mentally calculating it, and then I’ll be way off and my jaw drops at the register. Basic needs now are seriously breaking the bank.

Unfortunately, I’m getting used to it at this point and when I go to the store for the bare minimum for dinner, I have to expect to be disappointed.

Market Basket in Westbrook, Maine

My partner lives in Westbrook so I’ve been spending more time there than I used to. I’ve never run errands in that area or had reasons to stop by any local stores but now I find myself shopping in Rock Row for a lot of daily needs.

For those who listen to the Q Morning Show, I’m currently doing a chicken challenge where I am eating 41 rotisserie chickens in 41 days but that’s a whole other story to fill you in on later. For now, I just want to make the point that I had to stop at the store in Westbrook to pick up a chicken.

I went to the store and got a rotisserie chicken, organic apple cider, a mini tiramisu dessert, mushroom risotto, and yellow pepper and I was blown away when I cashed out at the register.

The cashier scanned my items and when she told me my total, I looked at my partner like “WTF”.


I got FIVE things and my total was less than $15!! I was SHOCKED.

I can not remember the last time I ran an errand, bought a handful of things, and didn’t spend at least $25. This was a monumental moment for me.

I never understood the hype on Market Basket, it’s just a grocery store, but I sure understand it now! I am jumping on this bandwagon.

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