Scarborough, Maine's first responders got quite the treat to combat the recent cold weather, all thanks to a very popular neighbor.

What an incredible gesture by the lobster roll king of Southern Maine. There's nothing like heaps of locally sourced lobster meat slathered in mayo or butter (or both, why not?) and piled into lightly grilled hot dog buns. It's essentially Maine gold.

For Bite Into Maine to think of Scarborough's first responders is outstanding, especially on the coldest weekend of the year. Imagine working a full shift and trying to keep your community safe when it's literally Siberia outside. It's not like the police, fire, and paramedics can just take the weekend off, because Maine turned into the planet Hoth (That's a Star Wars reference).

So, to come back to the station for arguably the best lobster rolls in Greater Portland had to have just been pronominal.

Bite Into Maine has been a fixture in the lobster roll game for some time. Its Fort Williams location in Cape Elizabeth was one of the first successful food trucks in the region. Since then, the company has expanded to the Allagash Brewery in Portland, and added a takeout location in Scarborough. These lobster rolls are so popular that they can be ordered online through Goldbelly and shipped anywhere in America.

A tip of the cap to Bite Into Maine for thinking about Scarborough's finest, especially during some considerably harsh conditions. I'm sure the first responders were quite taken aback.

I love this state.

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