If you've never been to HomeGoods, get ready to join the throngs of the obsessed!

They are now open in the Marketplace at Augusta between the Paper Store and Old Navy, near Home Depot. It's 18,600 square feet of discounted name-brand items for your home. Not your house, ohhhhhh no - your home. So why are people so damned obsessed with HomeGoods? According to People,

HomeGoods has perfected the art of making shopping for home stuff easy and fun, and in an age when you can order nearly anything online, the e-commerce-free brand has brought back the thrill of the hunt.

Their stuff is so Instagram-friendly, that there is even an Instagram account HomeGoods Obsessed with over 270,000 followers.

If you'd rather go right to the source, the HomeGoods Instagram has 3.5 MILLION followers! This little Halloween post has almost 6,000 likes. Hell, it will probably be 7,000 by the time this is published!

They have furniture, rugs, lighting, home decor items, bedding and bath items, and kitchen and dining accessories among other things. You never know when you are going to find that one PERFECT and unique item that will make that house you've been living in a home.


The brains behind HomeGoods are the same brains that have brought you TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Two great stores for clothing, where you can find some great name-brand items for a whole lot less. Traditional furniture and home retailers can’t keep up with HomeGoods’ quick turnaround and low prices. Back in 2017, Shawn Harris of Zebra Technologies told Forbes. 'It is full-priced traditional furniture stores that should keep their eyes wide open.'

Get ready Augusta! You will become obsessed!

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