Let's face it, we're all on edge. Like what has 2020 even been so far? It's beyond bizarro land and we don't even know when things are really going to be "normal" again. That includes our interactions with other people. There were times when we couldn't even be bothered when someone else sneezed, now we're willing to run a half-marathon just to get away from someone doing it. So if you've officially just 'had it' with everyone, Coast City Comics in Portland has THE shirt for you.

Shared on Facebook, Coast City has brought a new way to socially distance yourself to the table. That would be a shirt that combines a gorgeous outline of the State of Maine, with our well-known motto "Dirigo", mixed with a hand gesture that is used when you'd really like to tell someone else to...have a nice day somewhere else.

A couple weeks back, we shared Spose's t-shirt creation that said "Welcome To Maine, now go back to Massachusetts" and it really resonated with people at the time. This particular shirt from Coast City may be the next way to signal people that while you're pumped to be seen, they should kindly stay a fair distance from you.

Some would call this unfriendly. We prefer to think of it as Mainers getting right to the point.

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