Another winter day, another bobcat sighting in New Hampshire. The latest is in Milford, where homeowner Shawn Tewksbury was clearly at the right place at the right time to get this bobcat on video.

attachment-bobcat video 3

Shawn's minute-and-a-half video below shows this bobcat casually strolling through Shawn's backyard, jumping up onto a large boulder and making his or her way to Shawn's swimming pool area, then stopping for a bit and wagging its tail after cawing crows captured its attention.

After several seconds, the bobcat continues to amble alongside the covered swimming pool and hot tub, squeeze through the wrought iron fence around the pool onto the lawn in Shawn's backyard, pass a large wood pile, then disappearing into the forest behind Shawn's house.

What a neat moment to capture and send to WMUR.  Mr. or Mrs. Bobcat was so calm and cool, I was personally waiting for it to just sit down, relax awhile, and enjoy the New Hampshire breeze.

These sightings in our own backyards and neighborhoods are becoming more common during "regular business hours" if you will, not just at night.

Earlier this month, The Rye Police Department even reminded all of us that:

An increase in bobcat sightings is no cause for alarm. We've received numerous reports of bobcat sightings in the daytime and that's normal this time of year. Bobcats and other animals may be struggling to find food as winter comes to an end.

And remember Kendra Disilva of West Ossipee, New Hampshire who had that hour-and-a-half standoff with a bobcat in her own yard?

Kendra DiSilva
Kendra DiSilva

Here's more on Kendra's wild encounter and the incredible photos she captured after putting on camo clothing and quietly sneaking into her backyard with a camera.

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