For years now, people have been flocking to Portland because it's become a "foodie" town. But often times, people fool themselves into believing that the only places worth checking out exist in the Old Port. That type of thinking could cause a person to miss out on some real hidden gems throughout the city, including one of the most delicious brunch spots in the entire state of Maine, The Sinful Kitchen.

What Makes The Sinful Kitchen So Good?

With a name like the Sinful Kitchen, you have to be serving some downright decadent dishes and they don't disappoint. You'll find your standard brunch fare in name, but most of the dishes have been taken up a notch. Love yourself some Eggs Benedict? You'll probably love it more if its made with pulled pork or handpicked Maine crab. Stomach growling for a Belgian Waffle? How does a next-level cinnamon roll Belgian Waffle sound to you? Speaking of waffles, the Sinful Kitchen serves up waffle pizzas as well. Yes, you read that right.

Where Can I Find The Sinful Kitchen?

The Sinful Kitchen can be found at 906 Brighton Avenue. Part of the charm of the restaurant is that it looks like an old apartment building from the outside. Inside the restaurant, there are different rooms where you can be seated and the restaurant plans to bring their popular outdoor seating back for the warmer months this year.

Anything Else I Should Know About The Sinful Kitchen?

Always check the specials. Chef Dave has many tricks up his sleeve and the specials menu is often filled with creativity. Additionally, if you're a fan of art, the walls at the Sinful Kitchen are often decorated with pieces about Maine or from Maine artists directly so while you're falling in love with the food, you can fall in love with a new artist as well.

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