Believe it or not, it's almost fair season here in Maine. The Monmouth Fair is set to kick off in mid-June. But if you simply can't wait or are just looking for a really good laugh, there's a parody Maine fair that exists on social media that you absolutely need to follow.

It's called the Cubmerland Fair, and yes that's an intentional spelling error. If you visit their Facebook page, get ready to throw everything you've ever known about a fair in Maine out the window and embrace something new. For instance, at the Cubmerland Fair there are edible tickets in case you get the munchies. Not only that, but seniors pay double rather than having a discount. The fair is that good.

Speaking of good, check out this list of attractions and fun things to look forward to.

  • Tractor Push
  • A Fortune-Telling Scale
  • Guess Your Own Weight Booth
  • Hot Slush

There's plenty more, but you should want to be surprised. Not only that, but this is the only fair in Maine that never stops. It's year round, especially if you have an active imagination.

So immerse yourself in the best fake fair that Maine has to offer. Time to type Cubmerland into the ole GPS!

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