There's no better indication that spring is finally here than the return of the croc to the feet of stylistically challenged people everywhere. No, wait, I meant baseball! The return of baseball!

It's finally opening day at Hadlock Field - and even though it's a little damp outside today, diehard fans will don their ponchos and make the pilgrimage anyway. We suffered through a whole winter for this! You honestly think we're gonna let a little moisture get in the way of our sports season?

Anyway, opening day has us wondering - what's the origin of our team name and mascot? Well fortunately for us, WCSH 6 had an answer for that, and it's way cooler than we thought it would be. Watch the video below:

WCSH reports that when the team was looking for names around it's inception, it held a contest via newspaper to get ideas from locals. Displeased with the initial results, Team President Charlie Eshbach got in touch with his friend Guy Gilchrist, who just happened to be the artist for the Muppets, and got him to pick a name and design his own mascot.

His first idea was the Portland Puffins, which made sense, because Portland has so many Puffins around. Eventually deciding that it wasn't the right fit, Eshbach and Gilchrist went back to the drawing board, and came up with the iconic logo by combining elements of other great logos, with its own unique twist. It stuck, and the team has stood by it ever since.

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