Here are 30 photos showing the unbelievably tattoo transformation of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker through the years.

Travis Barker has been adding ink since he was 15 years old.

The 48-year-old Blink-182 drummer estimated in a 2016 GQ interview that he had tattoos covering approximately 70 percent of his body. Barker's collection has continued to grow in recent years, as he has even allowed wife Kourtney Kardashian to run the tattoo gun across his skin.

"For me it's documenting part of my life or people, things, times in my life," Barker told GQ. "When I'm dead and gone I want people to be able to look at my body and basically relive my life in some way.

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Barker has shared that his tattoo journey started with a Bones Brigade skateboard logo along with the flaming head logo from the Washington, D.C. punk band Dag Nasty. The "Can I Say" text on Barker's chest is also the title of the band's 1986 debut album.

Here is a look at how Barker's tattoos have progressed across each area of his body over the past 30-plus years.

30 Photos Showing Travis Barker's Tattoo Progression Through The Years

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