Nickelback's latest album Get Rollin' is out everywhere today (Nov. 18), and the subject matter it covers ranges from prison and weed to love and heaven. In an interview ahead of the album's release, Chad Kroeger looked back on their song catalog and named the one that would probably get the band canceled if they released it today.

The track in question is "Figured You Out" from their 2003 album The Long Road, and is quite promiscuous, to say the least. During the discussion, Kroeger assured that this latest Nickelback album has some songs with themes and sounds that are similar to some of their older material.

"It's a Nickelback record, it's just like all the other Nickelback records. It ebbs and flows, there are peaks and valleys, it's everything, like they always are. So you're gonna get your 'Photograph,' you're gonna get your 'Far Away,' but you're also gonna get your 'Side of a Bullet,'" the vocalist explained to Audacy Check In host Carlota.

But "Figured You Out"? Probably not.

"Five minutes ago, we just said, 'Can you imagine we released a song starting with I like your pants around your feet now? We'd be canceled in two seconds,'" Kroeger remarked.

Listen to the full interview below.

However, Get Rollin' does feature a new song about a woman called "Skinny Little Missy" that is a bit reminiscent of the No Fixed Address song "She Keeps Me Up," which went viral on TikTok a few weeks ago when people were making thirst trap videos to it. Ultimately, the sexual undertones of "Figured You Out" still exist on later Nickelback records, but were just toned down a little bit.

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