You see the beer-tasting guided tours roam around Portland but as a Mainer, you don’t need the tour around the city and you’ve already memorized the fun facts.

What locals really want is a guided tasting experience where you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy all things beer-related in one comfortable, educational, and delicious setting.

The Cellars by Allagash Brewing Company

That is exactly what we are about to get.

Education meets sensory in this brand-new beer-tasting experience in Portland.

“Brewery of the Year” winner of 2021, Allagash Brewing Company, is opening a beer-tasting experience in the very section of the brewery where the founder brewed the first-ever batches of beer, according to a press release sent out by media reps.

The unique beer-focused experience, “The Cellars”, will open on November 26 at the brewery’s Portland location at 50 Industrial Way.

The Experience

Guests will be welcomed with a draft of the infamous Allagash White before moving on to the tasting of unique, vintage, and new small-batch beers brewed right there. The limited-edition beers will pretty much be whatever the team is excited about at that moment, so they will rotate if you want to keep coming back for more.

As you sip on the brews, you will learn about the specialty beers during the 1.5-hour curated tasting session run by Allagash staff for both an educational and sensory experience.

Maine is known for its beer and I think it’s still the state with the most breweries per capita, so you may as well learn about our selections and the industry.

Who wouldn’t want to go sit back and sample some local brews?

It's opening very soon and is only available by reservation, so plan ahead!

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