There are people that travel from far and away to visit Maine for one specific food item: the lobster roll. For many outside of the northeast, it's an almost mythical food item. Ask people who consistently return to Maine for a lobster roll, and they'll tell you the same thing: "it just tastes different in Maine". So, it should come as no surprise that one new restaurant in Portland, Maine, has been labeled as serving the "fanciest" lobster roll ever.

That title was offered up to Twelve restaurant courtesy of Esquire magazine. They just released their 2022 list of the 40 best new restaurants in America, and highlighted Twelve for several reasons, including the concept, use of ingredients, and more. But it was the specialty lobster roll that blew the reviewers away.

On the menu, Twelve refers to it as the soigné lobster roll. If you're expecting the kind of traditional Maine lobster roll you'd find at a roadside stand, this ain't it. This new take on a lobster roll hasn't just received attention from Esquire, but also made the list of top lobster rolls on the east coast from Forbes.

Instead, Twelve upscales their lobster roll without taking the Maine out of it. Instead of a classic roll, thin sheets of flaky dough are piled up to create a buttery, delicious exterior. Piles of Maine lobster are folded into that dough, and then you're on your own. Squeeze some lemon on for a little acid or ask for a side of mayo or butter if you really think you need it.


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