Corey Taylor has shared his love for Metallica over the years, but did you know that one of his all-time favorite records was actually their cover EP, The $5.98 EP - Garage Days Re-Revisited?

Taylor was appearing on the Wild Ride with Steve-O podcast (as heard below) when the topic of conversation turned to Metallica and their history with Jason Newsted. It was during this discussion where Taylor professed his love for their $5.98 EP - Garage Days Re-Revisited.

"I still, up until a few years ago, had my original copy. I had the $5.98 cassette. Cause they had the $5.98 cassette and the $7.98 vinyl cause it was always affordable but it was a different price for each format," proudly proclaimed Taylor.

Steve-O then challenged him to name off the songs that appeared on the record, and Taylor promptly dropped all five. As a refresher, that would be covers of Diamond Head's "Helpless," Holocaust's "The Small Hours," Killing Joke's "The Wait," Budgie's "Crash Course in Brain Surgery" and Misfits' "Last Caress / Green Hell."

"That's one of my favorite albums of all-time," proclaimed Taylor, who passionately recalled, "They recorded it in this garage that they built basically to let's just do something and vibe and see what happens. This was before And Justice for All, so they record that, they go in and it's super fucking punk rock and it's super dirty and it's a great fucking album, man."

From there, the discussion turned to And Justice For All, which Taylor shared the oft-floated theory about the lack of bass on the record being the members of the band subliminally dealing with the death of Cliff Burton. The full discussion about Newsted and Metallica kicks in around the 21 minute mark in the podcast below.

Corey Taylor's Love for Metallica

As previously stated, Taylor has often shouted out Metallica over the years. He once claimed that the band's career was Slipknot's blueprint for trying to achieve longevity in the music business.

He's also called Master of Puppets the "perfect metal album," and he named that album's "Disposable Heroes" as his all-time favorite Metallica song. Taylor has also expressed his support for Lars Ulrich in Metallica's battle with Napster and he covered "Holier Than Thou" for the massive Blacklist covers collection that accompanied Metallica's 30th Anniversary celebration reissue for their self-titled Black Album.

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What Is Corey Taylor Up To at Present?

While Corey has dipped his toes in the covers pool over the years, he's more focused on his original music at present. His second solo release, aptly titled CMF2, is en route for a Sept. 15 and pre-orders can be found here. Taylor will also hit the road later this month for a headlining tour in support of the album. See dates and get ticketing info here.

Corey Taylor on the Wild Ride With Steve-O Podcast

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